About us

GHEII is deeply passionate about bringing a lasting solution to immigration crisis.

We seek to reduce this scourge of illegal migration which has affected a great number of persons including children. People in a bid for safety and better opportunities have risked their lives by migrating illegally to other countries, we are here to address these problems through our programmes which we believe will put a stop to immigration crisis.

What is your 11.59.59 moment?? For me, its waking up to a new day knowing someone somewhere is as healthy, happy and comfortable as me.

Being human first!
To achieve Global Harmony, first we have to close the gap between the rich and deprived.
Rita Oyoku
President, Global Harmony Envoy International Initiative (GHEII).

What makes us different?

GHEII Vision - To create a middle-ground between the Government and Immigrants with the intent to permanently stop immigration crisis across the world.

GHEII Mission – To engage in constructive dialogue and mediation with intending immigrants, and to mediate on their behalf to Government with the aim of stopping immigration crisis.


Processes to enable common people obtain international traveling documentations facilitated
Strong affiliations with Embassies/Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Advocacy to give immigrants a fair hearing with the intention of given the alternative options to their quest for a better life.
Migrants who truly have no need to leave their countries empowered and funded

Let’s engage superlative ideas.

GHEII gives hope to the indigent by creating a support system that will encourage them and as we gradually continue to apply same principles in different areas of our endeavors an all inclusive global citizenship will be achieved.