Open letter to world leaders on covid-19

LOOKING AT THE BRIGHT SIDE OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC-An open letter to the: World Leaders, United Nations, European Union, Arab League, African Union, World Health Organization (WHO),UNICEF, ECOWAS, Members States.

Rita Oyoku

President/founder Global Harmony Envoy International Initiative(GHEII).

This open letter is to acknowledge and commend the undersigned organisations on their current efforts to contain the pandemic spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

We recognise the efforts of various member states and their cooperation amongst themselves in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic .

We would like to specifically acknowledge the professionalism shown by various health care workers and institutions, who are working tirelessly to ensure implementation of safety measures around the globe.
We also commend various NGOs & IGOs on the supply of reliefs & palliatives to the general populace.  

While a robust global response is critical in detecting, treating and reducing transmission, it is equally necessary to take vital measures to prevent similar emerging infectious diseases developing into pandemics with the associated threats to human life, social and economic well-being.

COVID-19 has brought formidable threats to the life and health of people all over the world. Amid the fierce struggle between the human race and a major global epidemic, unity and cooperation has been fostered.Everyone breathes the same air. It’s all the same spit. The solutions to the problems of the 21st century, like the solution to Covid-19, will come only one way: through an empowered bureaucracy informed by expertise and the continuance of global unity.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, solidarity has been shown all over the world. As COVID-19 spreads across continents, the United Nations and its partners have been working around the clock to prevent the pandemic from wreaking havoc on displaced populations(refugees) who already face humanitarian crisis. In cramped camp settings, these people are struggling to implement measures to avoid community transmission of the virus, such as physical distancing and frequent hand-washing, but are responding to the threat proactively.   

Is Time for World Leaders and International Organisations to look at the valuable lessons the fight against the pandemic has taught humanity . Amid the struggle for survival, humans have somehow learnt how to coexist with others in harmony. Our diverse race, cultures & religions no longer exists as everyone is on a quest for survival.

Furthermore, the dichotomy between the have and the have nots have been pacified as the pandemic can affect anyone irrespective of your class. This is evidenced with a unified global voice which is a formidable force fighting against this specific common enemy which threatens the existence of mankind.

We use this medium to call upon the world leaders, organizations and other International bodies to embrace these spirit of oneness and love during the post-pandemic recovery process bearing in mind that there are other menace that could threaten human existence and may lead to more global crisis, such as natural disasters, human trafficking,global warming, Immigration crisis etc.

Research has shown that more lives have been lost globally through the process of illegal immigration of people asides the pandemic. It should be known that global migration is as old as humanity. Thus, leaders in their unison should be encouraged to build a systematic support approach which will promote flexible and efficient immigration process, that will have a positive impact on the integration of immigrants and refugees. In addition, Leaders and concerned global organizations during this unison period should through their policymakers enact effective policy frameworks that would help cater to the problems faced by refugees which leads to immigration crisis round the world.

Leaders should focus more in promoting migration of people based on the value the immigrant will add to the recipient country than their financial prowess, bearing in mind that a lot of this migrants are experts in their respective fields and professions. Unfortunately, migrants irrespective of their professional backgrounds & expertise are still not granted visas on the grounds of poor financial capability, forcing them to explore other illegal options which is detrimental to their lives, their country and the recipient country.

Consequently, majority of our top notch health workers battling the pandemic are hardly citizens of the recipient countries and they have been able to save lots of lives irrespective of their origins or race. Therefore, instead of stringent migration laws, more flexible and inclusive migration laws should be enacted , one which will encourage the migration of such resourceful persons who will add value to recipient country but are deprived through stringent migration laws. The review of this migration laws will enable the creation of wealth through self reliance and sustainability which will make the third world countries to foster a successful human resource capacity.

We support all post-pandemic recovery program by Governments and International Organisations and also call on various global Governments to seize the opportunity to “build back a better society” by creating a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive societies. This unity should not only be shown during this period of the pandemic but also in situations of natural disasters, global warming, human trafficking, Terrorism, Global Immigration crisis etc.

The human race is one and this spirit of oneness should be championed in other global menace that threatens human existence.

May God heal the world.


Global Harmony Envoy International Initiative(GHEII).

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