Creating hope through Harmony

GHEII seeks to create Global Harmony through a reliable and sustainable system by encouraging and supporting the refugee (people of Hope) in seeking for better opportunities through legal immigration processes.

Easy Migration
International Partnerships
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Youth Engagement

Why Global Harmony

Better Migration Opportunities

To serve as envoy to the deprived who has excellent skills and are seeking genuine migration options to countries of their choice in view to develop their skills.


To liaise and partner with all countries in giving intending immigrants seeking for better opportunities fair hearing through a support system which encourages proper verification and documentation of such persons.


To mediate on behalf of the deprived who are affected by stringent international immigration laws and policies, by presenting a well verified and documented profile of such persons


We want you to ask what you can do for your country and not what your country can do for you. That's our mission


To inspire and empower persons who seek to migrant out of their country with no genuine reasons.

Global Harmony

By promoting self-development, rational justice and acquainted equality amongst people and nations of the world.

Global Benefit

Over the years, countries and its government spend huge amount of money on refugees and asylum seekers, with no gains, with GHEII, government will spend less or nothing on these people and yet will achieve their aim for humanitarian services.

Building Stronger International Ties

GHEII has created immigration programs that will help reduce the menace of Illegal immigration, these will strengthen international relations and build strong alliance between countries.

Defining a People of Hope

GHEII will establish strong affiliations with all government bodies and also work with presidents, prime ministers, embassies and ministry of foreign Affairs.

GHEII is campaigning to effect positive global changes that are without the usual politics.  We will use our intellectual conscience to achieve public good.  We intend to create and rebuild role models for all stakeholders (individuals, leaders, organization, groups and nations) with the power of the mind to bring about a global stop to immigration crisis and leadership responsibilities that will emit the long awaited global happiness.

We have facilitated 300 processes that enabled the common people obtain international traveling documents
We have 150 strong affiliations with Embassies/Ministry of Foreign Affairs
level of advocacy to give immigrants a fair hearing with the intention of given the alternative options to their quest for a better life.
migrants who truly have no need to leave their countries empowered and funded

A Global Stop to Immigration Crisis

There is no doubt that everyone is concerned about the serious illegal migration issues which has recorded many deaths and is also a threat to our global co-existence.

And The big question is, “how can we reduce and if possible, stop people from taking risks and how do we also give the deprived who are without criminal tendencies a chance to travel to countries of their choices with little or no charges? We strongly believe that GHEII is the answer to these mind-boggling questions and GHEII will bring a relief to the present migration challenges and crisis.

Become a Partner

We can all can join hands to help those who are deprived earn a good living, bringing about a global inclusive citizenship that will emit the long awaited global happiness.

Team Huddle Harmony Togetherness Happiness Concept

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